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Keep tasks top of mind

Whether you’re a student, faculty or staff, everyone has a million things to do. Keeping it all straight and making sure everything is done on time is a challenge in a college setting. Path Tasks surfaces the most pressing needs and keeps everything on track, no matter which system the task originates from.

Centralized Integrations

A toolbox for all your student systems

With multiple courses and systems to check for important due dates, it’s easy for things to slip through the cracks. Tasks centralizes a students entire to-do list, pulling from your LMS, billing system, financial aid systems and more to put all tasks into a single, easy-to-see portal. You can even create and push tasks within Path to specific users or roles.

Tasks and Integrations


Some tasks are just more important

It’s a fact of life that some tasks are simply more important than others. Tasks allows you to prioritize how tasks appear in the portal so that items with approaching due dates or urgency float to the top.

Tasks on mobile


Take tasks to the next level

Does a certain task have a dependency? Simplify what your students see by building task chains. Only showing the next task once step one is complete helps keep students from getting overwhelmed.

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